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  • Wearflex® boiler covers for (industrial) boilers

    Wearflex® boiler covers are perfect for industrial boilers with heat or heat components. Wearflex® boiler covers prevent the radiation of heat towards the surrounding components of boilers and provide personal protection for the people working with or in the surroundings of the boilers.

    Personal protection as well as acoustic insulation

    In addition to protection against high temperatures, our Wearflex® boiler covers also function as acoustic insulation (sound absorption). Composed of heat-resistant fabrics combined with one or several layers of insulation blanket. Wearflex® boiler covers offer excellent protection against high temperatures and noise. As a result, manufacturers of boilers can develop safe and low-noise appliances.

    Wearflex® boiler covers have a durable construction and are custom-made designed to fit to all kind of shapes. They are easy to install and to remove, which makes boiler inspections easy. Depending on your specific wishes and parameters, we will design a boiler cover, which fits your personal application.

    All Wearflex® products are manufactured at our plant in Steenbergen (The Netherlands).